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Welcome new Friend - Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard

It is fairly obvious that I consider wireless keyboards an essential tool in the arsenal of developers. Further, I recently lost my previous keyboard due to said device reaching the end of its life. I wanted to replace the previous one with something better, and lo behold, the replacement, and my new best friend - Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard - just arrived.

One thing I would like to get out of the way. I had to import - purchase this thing. That is just sad because, Microsoft should really look into this. If Apple can sell overpriced smartphones in India, I dont see why Microsoft cannot sell overpriced (but totally worth it) keyboards.

Right then, the keyboard is tiny. Yet, I had no difficulty in achieving a speed of 69 wpm. My regular everyday wpm is somewhere between 70 to 80 wpm. That means, although the keyboard is tiny, I dont foresee any loss in terms of typing efficiency. Over time, once my fingers get used to the spacing and the size, I should reach 75 wpm, if not greater. Setting up the keyboard was pretty straightforward. the package included batteries, which is great. Once the device was powered on, I simply had to turn on the bluetooth button, and a useful light started blinking. On the PC, I simply had to turn on bluetooth which immediately recognized the keyboard.

After that, I simply had to choose to pair, enter the password and that's it! This is a wonderful improvement for me because my previous keyboard interfaced via a bluetooth dongle. I will admit that the dongle, was perhaps the only complaint I had about it. In fact, the reason why I had to say goodbye to the Microsoft Wireless 2000 was because the dongle developed a hardware fault. Anyway, it cost less, of course. So, I got what I paid for. Coming back, yes, no more of that dongle business which is just cool.

Another thing for which I was really excited is the keyboard cover, which also doubles up as a stand. I tested it out right away. It looks soiid. Based on my history with Microsoft hardware, I know it will continue to be solid. And, the stand fit snugly against my smartphone. So, yeah, I got a solid stand for my smart phone and other mobile devices I might purchase. The stand is but a small bonus. The real bonus is that the keyboard works with android as well. So, I fired up my android device, and turned on bluetooth. Just like that, the keyboard showed up and I was connected. I also had this checked with a friend of mine who has an iPhone. It worked equally well, with the same fluidity of connecting and typing.

I wrote a long email to a friend, just for the heck of it, and it is so amazing. There are so many times, where I have written long letters and documents on my smartphone. Of course, Microsoft Word on the android is a joy to work with. Now, combined with this Microsoft Wedge Keyboard, looks like my productivity numbers will increase significantly with the smartphone as well, just as it does with my PC.

If there are folks out there who are thinking of buying this keyboard, then, I would (based on the impressions from the last one hour) totally recommend it.
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