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Thanks to W3Schools and Johnson G

None of us were born with programming skills. We all learned it somewhere. In the case of web programming, we are obtaining our knowledge from two sources, primarily. 


This site is excellent for extreme beginners. Like, while taking baby steps. They have excellent menu system which helps to locate the needed topic quickly. Further, they also have a very cool live editor which is great for practicing basic stuff. 

They can be found at www.w3schools.com 

Programming in HTML5 with JavaSript and CSS3 Training Guide by Johnson G

This is the book we are using, specifically, as we pursue the web certification from Microsoft, Exam 480. We actually wanted to buy the official book (like we did while studying for the other certifications) but for some reason, the official book does not have an Indian Edition, and hence insanely expensive. Fortunately, we found this alternative.  

Other than this, as usual, I have to thank my mentor Mika and stack overflow. They are the usual sources when learning of course. And countless other blogs from which we learn something or the other.

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