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[Ongoing series of blog posts to inform potential developers, users and (hopefully investors) about this new app ecosystem I am architecting, designing, developing and deploying. More details at this page]

There are some places which act as reliable online and offline resources for development. In this section, I will list out all the links and books and everything else that we are using. This will others who might follow.


Perhaps the very first link that we will use extensively would be MSDN. Everything we need to build APIs and Azure related stuff is all available right here. Years of using it also means, it is that much easier for me to navigate this huge library of knowledge, sorted and arranged for easy consumption.

Stack Overflow

Ah, the second best site for developers online. Anything and everything is available here. I usually start at MSDN, and then head over to stack overflow, and then keep shifting between them until a solution is obtained.

[Last Updated February 10th 2017]

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