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Project TD - App Ecosystem – Day 5 – Requirements Planning

[Ongoing series of blog posts to inform potential developers, users and (hopefully investors) about this new app ecosystem I am architecting, designing, developing and deploying. More details at this page]

It all starts with an idea, and I seem to already have one. Then, comes the requirements planning. In many ways, requirements planning is a catch all term. It is sort of like a trip plan that one makes before leaving the house. The app ecosystem will consume a lot of my (and anybody else who might join hands with me in the future) time, energy and of course, money. This document will record all the many different components that need to be built.

Obviously, this is just a blog. I would eventually need to look at a more efficient tracking system (I have my eyes on Atlassian’s offering for planning and tracking software development, JIRA) as the code grows. However, the more professional tracking solutions cost a bunch of money, and I must justify the cost before I can jump into it. Cost Benefit Analysis is the key here.

Right then, here are the many components of this project. This list only encompasses the things I have thought of and jotted down for the last two months. As the project progresses, I am sure much of the below will evolve (not change. The below notes will evolve) over time. Each of them will link to their own pages, with additional details.

Delivery Date (When It’s Done but with beta access)

Open Source or Closed



Design Tools

Version Control and Project Management

Back up and Redundancy

Technologies Involved (modular approach)

Native or Xamarin

Choice of API technology

User Types – Operations and Administrators and Consumers

Accessibility, Multi Language Support and Natural Interfaces

Choice of Cloud Platform

Supported Platforms – End Users

Error and Logging

[Last Updated February 22nd 2017]

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