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Mapping Azure site to Godaddy domain

One of the many things that I find myself doing a lot is domain mapping. This is essential and something that happens a lot when you are experimenting with lots of web content. Here is how it normally works.

  1.          You build your site on your computer.
  2.          You then push your site files from your computer to your site on azure web sites.
  3.          Then, you buy the domain from Godaddy.
  4.          Now, you need to connect that domain from Godaddy and the site on your azure web sites.

In this post, I am talking about the last step, connecting domain with azure web site. In order to do this, you will need some information from Azure, and also from Godday.

On the Azure, side of things, you need to be ready with the following.

  1.          Login to your Azure management site (not the azure portal, which is frankly a big mess and I don’t use it right now).
  2.          Select your website, and head over to the dashboard.
  3.          At the bottom of the webpage, you will see ‘manage domains’.
  4.          Here, you will fill in some stuff, but later. Right now, simply make a note of the IP address provided over there.

On the Godaddy side of things, you need to.

  1.          Login, of course.
  2.          Then, head over to your domain details and select your domain. If you don’t see something complicated (you will know it when you see it) ensure that you are using ‘list view’. DO NOT USE ‘card view’.
  3.          Once you are in your domain, you will see something called ‘DNS Zone File’. Yup, go into that.
  4.          Here, there two things that bother you – A (HOST) and CNAME (Alias).
  5.          Under A, you have two things ‘*’ and ‘@’. For both, put that IP address that you got from Azure (the top steps of Azure). Save the changes.
  6.          Under CNAME, you need to add two entries.
  7.          First entry will be ‘awverify’ (Host) and ‘awverify.<yourazurewebsiteaddress>’ (Points To)
  8.          Second entry will be ‘awverify.www’ (Host) and ‘awverify.<yourazurewebsiteaddress>’ (Points To)
  9.          Your azure website address will be something like hello123.azurewebsites.net. Here ‘hello123’ is the name you may have used when creating the website on Azure management window.
  10.          After adding both, save.
  11.      Now, come back to that Azure page, where you found the IP address (Manage Domains).
  12.          Enter your domain name, without ‘www’. Azure will find it, and give you a green check mark.
  13.          Enter your domain name, with ‘www’. Azure will find it, and give you a green check mark.

That’s it! Now, your azure site and domain on Godaddy are both connected. Of course, these steps will work for not just Godaddy but any domain company from which you purchased your domain from.

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