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June 2nd update – and the Exam 483 book and the cloud and the future

I thought it was time to provide update to my interns who are being groomed by me to achieve the Exam 70483 certification.  

This notes will help them and future interns who are becoming part of the certification paradigm. The code for Unit 1 and Unit 3 should be up on our bitbucket repository soon enough. As always, the code is extensively documented so that you will be able to understand what is going on. Further, blog posts will accompany each topic. The blog posts are currently being written and should be live progressively. Once the blog posts and code goes live, our Exam 483 collection would have covered 3 out of the 4 topics. Personally, that makes me very happy. 

I also anticipate my interns to join me in posting their own take on the topics, so the amount of blogging on each topic should rise exponentially in the coming months. 

I also wanted to take this opportunity to praise the book that I am using to serve our purpose. The Book is Exam Ref 70-483 by Wouter de Kort. Each of interns have received a free copy (physical copy and brand new!) of this book from study nildana, and I personally am using the same as well. The book is not elaborate, allowing developers to learn mostly on their own. It's not a thorough guide and that is good because it covers the entire gamut of programming. I love the book and strongly would recommend the book to anybody who is pursuing a career in .NET.  

Many of these blogs and code is inspired by what Mr. Kort's book. For that we are truly thankful. In fact, if you are reading this and you are a future intern of study nildana, do let us know. We will ship you a free copy of this book (brand new, of course. We don’t want any of that second hand business when it comes to books) to your home.  

I fully expect my own blogs and code repository to be complete by end of June. Of course, my interns and I will keep fine turning the blog posts as well as the code over time, making it better and better. Meanwhile, once I am done with c sharp, I will be beginning with the following two exams.  

Exam 480 - Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 

Exam 532 - Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions  

I will be blogging simultaneously about this. As usual, code will become available at our code repository. There are specific reasons why these are the exams study nildana is pursuing 

Exam 480 is obvious. It's possible today to call yourself a programmer without knowing about web programming. I am a .NET developer but I find myself constantly working on web technologies. Further, with the whole world moving (or already there) to a service based model, the browser is the center of the universe. Any developer who thinks he can survive with just one programming skill is a fool. In fact, such fools are not welcome at all at study nildana. The only way to survive in this complicated world is with multi-skills and I am not just talking about technical skills here.  

Exam 532, is a bit of a higher order. I don’t expect any of my interns to dig deep into anytime soon. However, I like to be prepared. The 532 is about study nildana becoming prepared for the cloud. The service based model implies that we will use applications that are constantly consuming data. Mobile device usage has exploded, but the service usage is still minimal. The usage part is where the cloud comes in. So, study nildana wants to be prepared.  

Of course, the cloud is one big place and there are so many players. Although study nildana has been burned with the windows phone and Microsoft Mobile in general, we haven't gone extinct. God no. On the contrary, thanks to the very same Microsoft, I am in a very good place in my life, and so are my students. Which is why, we have chosen to side with Microsoft's cloud offering. All this and more is why Exam 532 becomes important to us.  

At the same time, I have come to realize that embracing other platforms is part of the game. Remember when I talked about multi-skills? Yes, and that means, study nildana will wholeheartedly embrace other cloud solutions, especially Amazon and Google. Its just that we want to take our baby steps by holding Azure's hand because we already know how to use Azure. Hopefully, with more and more study nildana members becoming active, we will have folks working on all of these.  

With that, I will bid goodbye for now.

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