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Introducing Google Cardboard

As a professional trainer and developer - check my profile here as I shamelessly self promote ;) - one of my job descriptions is to keep up with the latest tech stuff that is happening. One of those tech things that I came across lately was the new and improved Google Cardboard. There are several things I admire about Google and other things I don’t, but with the cardboard, they really have done something very interesting.

There is a lot of talk about VR lately. There was that thing about Holograms from Microsoft, then that purchase of Oculus Rift from Facebook and not to forget a lot of VR gear from Samsung, PlayStation and every other hardware company out there. One thing that always bothered me was how expensive things are with VR. For instance, just to use Oculus Rift (not to buy it, mind you) you will need a computer that will literally cost you an arm and a leg. No kidding!

Then, we have the Google Cardboard. The thing that is photographed above cost me less than 300 rupees. Then, to enjoy some really cool VR experiences, I simply had to plug my trusty old Mi4 into it and whoa! Sufficiently cool VR at my disposal. When I had a student try it on, she/he could not stop from shouting with joy. That is when I realized that VR has arrived and it is cost effective. Good job Google!

Of course, I enjoyed the device as a consumer (VR experience can be dizzy and it might give you neck pain and some nose pain as well – disclaimer stuff) but I wondered how I can create VR experiences. That is when I found out that VR experiences can be built using Unity. I have some experience in Unity, having built a simple game a while ago. Further, I also found out that, leap motion (a device on which study nildana is already working on) also has compatibility with Unity.

To add things up, by combining the three techs of Unity, Leap Motion and Google Cardboard, it is possible to build simple VR experiences. Interesting…

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