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Happy With Vodafone

Recently, I wrote my disastrous experience with Airtel Mobile. Thanks to the magic of number porting, I have now officially left my previous mobile partner Airtel, and joined hands with my old friend, Vodafone. Obviously I am pleased that I no longer have to carry two phones everytime I go for a cup of chai (check the airtel post for more details), and I thought I will take this occasion highlight two instances when prompt service from Vodafone made me a happy customer.  

Instance 1 

Way back, there was a time when I had a third number (dedicated to my technology club study nildana). I realized eventually that the investment in the third number was useless and decided to let it go. Unfortunately, times were bad and the bill crept up on that third number and eventually, Vodafone asked their collection agency to look into collecting the dues I owe them.  

The collection agencies are sort of like the folks who stand guarding the doorways at clubs. They aren't exactly polite and will get abusive if the occasion calls for it. Of course, things did not get to the abusive part for I promptly paid up the amount and assumed the issue closed.  

Things got ugly though.  

Three months later, I receive a email from the legal team that I have not cleared my dues. Obviously, this was a shock to me. I was being called from at least 3 different folks (each of them refusing to give me their office address) and each of them claiming that I haven't paid my dues. Eventually, I found out that, the collection agency that collected my money never made the payment. They decided to keep my money and as far as Vodafone was concerned, I was an absconding customer or a 'wilful defaulter'.  

Fortunately, the cash payment was actually an online NEFT transfer. I had solid proof that money was paid to that collection guy from me. I communicated all this to the collection agency and they said they have found that individual who ran away with my money. They said the issue has been sorted.  

Then, things got even more ugly a week later.  

Apparently the issue was not sorted, and now the collection agency has stopped answering my calls, and I was being called again my multiple individuals asking me to pay up!  

Then, as a last resort, I decided to go online and hit up Vodafone on their twitter channel. In less than 24 hours, the issue was resolved! Someone from Vodafone called me up, spoke with the legal team and with the collection agency and I was updated at each step. Awesome! 

Instance 2 

After the Airtel Moble disaster, I waited like a hungry hawk during the apocalypse for the 90 day porting limit to run out. Once that happened, I called up Vodafone and expressed my intention to port over.  

Here are the sequence of events. 

  • Called up Vodafone customer care. 

  • Requested for a documents guy to collect my documents. 

  • Documents guy comes and collects the documents. 

  • A sales manager keeps me updated about the port via watsapp, anytime I ask for a update. 

  • Number gets ported and the sales manager actually manages to activate the specific data pack I asked for. 

Back when I ported over to Airtel, not only did Airtel Mobile not bother to send anybody, they insisted that I walk to the nearest airtel store or forget about ever coming to Airtel Mobile network.  

So, what I see here two large companies. One of them (Airtel Mobile) has become so big that it does not care to take care of its customers. The other (Vodafone) despite its size, going out of its way and actually try and help the customer. 

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