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Giving medium a Try

I recently wrote about medium, not as a blog, but the effect advertising based economy is affected, especially with the internet related stuff. That is how the wheels are turning, so there is not much we could do about it, I wrote in that post.

However, medium is trying something different. It is possibly going ad free, and as someone who does not enjoy the ‘ad based’ stuff, I developed a soft corner for them. Today, medium announced that they are looking at taking things in a different, non-ad based direction. Given the state of flux they are in, I am not ready to move my entire blog (the current one) to medium. I am, quite honestly, worried that medium may not be around for too long. I am thinking of Vine, and of course, my own previous effort, study nildana, of course.

However, for a while now, I have been thinking of writing about Mysore city. There are truck load of details available about this lovely city of mine, but, as a resident, perhaps I can give it a unique perspective. I have traveled extensively for the last 5 years, and have stayed here for 10 years before that. Overall, I think I have the necessary knowledge and temperament to write about this fantastic city.

So, yeah, I am going to create a new blog over there at medium, and focus exclusively on the city. I think it will be a new experience for me. The current blog is bare bones, and by design, it is kept that way. It keeps my life simple so I can focus on the content, and not about other things. However, this blog on Mysore city though, ah! An opportunity to try a modern blogging platform, and perhaps I will even check out this new subscription system medium is trying out.

Worst comes to worst, I could just move everything back to another blogging software. Besides, what I really care about are my tech rants, and this city related blogging, will, at best, be a hobby.

Find my first post on medium, right here.

Good luck to me!

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