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Faasos – Loving It – Praise for their customer service

I mostly buy everything online. That includes, literally everything. I sometimes go without touching cash (for buying) for days and even weeks. That means, I get to interact with a lot of services. Most of them are good (Like Vodafone, whom I have previously written about), and some of them are bad (like Airtel Mobile, who totally suck by the way).  

Recently, an incident happened, and things could have gone either way. Fortunately for the brand and myself, it went the good way.  

Fassos is a company on which I depend for my dinner. It's some kind of a food delivery service. To me they are like Dominoes (who are also a good customer service brand according to me) but for regular food, instead of pizzas. They give food in a nice packaging, and the quantity is almost always more than I ask for.  

Recently, there was a minor issue where the order was delivered an hour and half after it was ordered. Maybe even more. I lost track of time because I got hungry. Even on that day, Faasos people kept me informed about the delay, and when they finally delivered, they were polite and apologized profusely. As is always the case, I don’t like to shout or yell folks. I prefer to do things the polite way. So, I sent an one star rating, chatted with support and aired my concern. I also aired my concern with the local delivery center. In each case, they were polite and agreed that they should have done better.  

Then, a few days later, when I ordered again, I asked to speak with the manager, who came on the phone right away. I told him that what happened on Sunday was bad and I would like to be compensated. The manager could have given stories about how that would be impossible and all the usual nonsense. Instead, he was prompt and said that he would allow me to have a free meal of my choice whenever I want. Later, he kept his promise.  

Overall, I am very pleased with what Faasos did. I even sent an email to their support team, praising how well the local Faasos delivery team had handled a disastrous scenario. Great job, team at Faasos! 

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