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Design Tools

[Ongoing series of blog posts to inform potential developers, users and (hopefully investors) about this new app ecosystem I am architecting, designing, developing and deploying. More details at this page]

The tools make or break anything that we are building. Even the best developer can build almost nothing without access to the right tools. Without tools, man = monkey.

Visual Studio

My most favorite tool of all, and hence the very first place. Visual Studio is literally (with Microsoft’s efforts to go cross platform over the last two years) the only IDE one needs to build almost anything. If you are crazy enough, you can even build iOS apps, with some caveats. If you have been a developer for a while, you either love it or you don’t.

In this project, I would be using this mostly for building the APIs and the Cloud portion of the app. I suspect that I will be building the web based admin interfaces also through this IDE.

I love it.

Visual Studio Code

While Visual Studio is awesome, it is also heavy. Like seriously heavy. Building simple stuff, and simply viewing code from a file that came online or from a colleague takes a while in Visual Studio. Most importantly, for web development, we need a simple editor that is superfast. That is what Visual Studio Code is. Fast, light and awesome!

I will probably use this for building and maintaining the user facing sites that will mostly be general information.

Android Studio

I started off by not really loving this (although it is a huge improvement over Eclipse based android development) but the new version is actually better even if it has some insane RAM requirements. Man, it’s not the most efficient IDE is it.

This will be used to build the android apps. However, I will explore the option of building the android app via Visual Studio and if that works, its hasta la vista Android Studio.


For all the FTP related action.

Snipping Tool

Bread and butter of basic documentation that involves screen grabs. Works best with Irfan View.

Microsoft Office

For all the documentation needs, writing and reviewing and generating all the documentation that keeps this project on track.

7 Zip

Yeah, compression and decompression is an everyday activity.

Git – Desktop and non-GUI Tools

For essential version control stuff. More details about version control can be found at these blog posts.

Slack, LAN Messenger and Skype

Yeah, these are the essential communication tools, for outsiders, teams and locally organized folks in a group environment.

[Last Updated February 10th 2017]

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