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Delivery Date (When It’s Done but with beta access)

[Ongoing series of blog posts to inform potential developers, users and (hopefully investors) about this new app ecosystem I am architecting, designing, developing and deploying. More details at this page]

Right now, I don’t have a proper estimate as to how long this project would take to reach conclusion. In fact, until I finish working on the use cases, I won’t have a clear idea. Further, I am still building my team, so until I have a grip on the head count, the deadline will not be that obvious.

Despite all these reservations, one cannot work without a deadline. Luckily for all of us, unlike an actual physical product, a software service is built as, well, a service. We can always have variable goals with variable features. The basic nature of software ensures that software evolves, like life itself. With that in mind, here are the dates I have given myself for now.

First Beta – Version 0.5.1 – December 5th 2017

First Release – Version 1.0.1 – June 25th 2018

The idea is to work on the two channels – beta and release – separately. That means, there would be two ecosystems running parallel. The beta eco system which will be pretty unstable, and unfit for everyday consumption. This becomes a playground for enterprising individuals – developers, testers and idea women and men – to experience cool stuff, fail and get up. The release channel is the end product of hundreds of testing hours and ready for regular people use.

While I make these grand plans, I understand that the project itself may never come to fruition. I once spent 4 years working on something, only for it collapse over a matter of weeks. Still, no work goes unrewarded and if this project also should face a similar defeat, some gains are always there to be made.

Besides we all remember Duke Nukem Forever.  

[Last Updated February 10th 2017]

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