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Reading Order - Web Technologies

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Here are some blog posts that will help you with web technologies.

non-dot net specific web programming topics

04.    JavaScript - what does it do
05.    JavaScript Using it
06.    JavaScript Syntax
07.    JavaScript Datatypes
08.    JavaScript Objects
09.    JavaScript Prototypes
10.    JavaScript Functions
11.    JavaScript Closures and Counters
12.    JavaScript Events
13.    JavaScript DOM Manipulation
14.    JavaScript manipulating DOM elements
15.    JavaScript Finding DOM elements
16.    JavaScript DOM navigation
17.    JavaScript event listener
18.    JavaScript with JSON

asp dot net specific updates

01. what is asp dot net
02. what is dot net
03. Dot net versions, libraries and understanding their importance
04. What is asp dot net core
05. Design Pattern – MVC
06. MVC in asp dot net
07. MVC simple project
08. The M in MVC
09. The V in MVC
10. The C in MVC
11. Adding a Model
12. Adding a View
13. Adding a Controller
14. Routing Configuration
15. Entity Framework and the database context
16. Scaffolding in VS and MVC
17. LINQ in asp dot net
18. GET and POST web request
19. Async in MVC
20. Package Manager and its console
21. What is this localhost
22. understanding namespaces
23. what is asp dot net web apis
24. what is asp dot net real time
25. what is this CRUD
26. data models and database and entity framework
27. object relational mapping
28. CRUD in asp dot net
29. identity management
30. identity roles and identity users
31. building a web app part 1 of X
32. building a web app part 2 of X
33. building a web app part 3 of X
34. building a web app part 4 of X

Related stuff – certificate related. Contains updates and other stuff.

1.    Microsoft Certification – general intro to microsoft certifications
2.    Microsoft Certification: Categories – looking into the syllabus of Exam 483
3.    Pursuing an important certification – certification update
4.    our code repository is up - for c sharp – certification update
5.    Repo updates – Thread and Debug – certification update
6.    microsoft certification update - 28 topics added – certification update

Related Stuff – I call this the etiquette corner. Stuff that will make you a cool developer

1.    Making your code readable – developer tip
2.    Development Documentation and why do it – visual studio essentials
3.    Creating a Console Project – visual studio essentials
4.    Version Control and Git – Part One – visual studio essentials
5.    Version Control and Git – Part Two – visual studio essentials

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