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Ah! Disclaimer

[Short Version]

Everything on this blog, and anything else that is even remotely connected to the blog and its author, is provided as is without any warranty. Use at your own risk.

[Long Version]

This post covers every property of the chalakas. It's apps, blogs, books, website, software and almost anything else that has come out of the chalakas.

This is to inform that any content, code and anything else that has been submitted/provided or given by the chalakas is given as it is. No warranty or guarantee of any kind. If you are using it, either as an individual or as a company, you are doing so at your own risk. This applies to all work done in the past since the chalakas started all those years ago, and all work the chalakas will do in the future.  

Essentially, what we are saying is that the chalakas is a hobby. All its members do this as a hobby. Something to keep them engaged in an otherwise ordinary life. We try, and we do try to make sure that all the stuff is working and good. However, we don’t have the budget to make sure that things are perfect.  

This is an extension of an agreement or understanding we have with our interns. study nidlana membership is completely voluntary. No member has ever been forced to remain a member, and every activity they participate – work and fun – is done at their own choice. This is also why, we allow the chalakas members to leave whenever they choose too. All the chalakas members are allowed to leave and rejoin at their own wish. No penalties. In fact, we have always said nice goodbyes when students leave. Further, the chalakas members have the liberty of being as involved as they want to be.  

So yes, if you agree with all the above, feel free to use our the chalakas facilities. If you don’t', well, please don’t use any of the chalakas stuff.  


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