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Although, I consider myself a patient individual (LOL), there are times when I am particularly impatient. One of those times was June 3rd when I published my first novel. By god, the novel had mistakes. Of course, nothing can change the fact that the novel is boring and mind numbing. However, the novel had other problems like spelling mistakes which simply were intolerable. 

My friends and friends who have been emotionally blackmailed to read my novel, are true god souls. I can only imagine how they read through the spelling mistakes. So, I decided to fix it. Thanks to the nature of Amazon Kindle Publishing, I am allowed to 'push' updates to my own novel.  

Here are the fixes. 

Anyway, here are the fixes for this edition.  

  • added more content to 'hello' page.  

  • added the 'new in this edition' page (this very page you are reading).   

  • added more stuff to the 'thank you' page.  

  • added age rating to the disclaimer page.  

  • added an 'other stuff' page.   

  • more than 500 spelling, grammar and typos fixed. It's clear that I did zero editing and let the first edition go with zero fixes. Allow me to apologize for that. It was my first book and I clearly wasn’t thinking straight.  

IMPORTANT NOTE: No story related changes have been made in this edition. That means, whatever you remember from you first run (in case you read the earlier editions) is still completely valid. 

Now, there is a good news bad news situation here. As per Kindle rules and regulations, only ‘new’ buyers will get the updated book. The existing buyers won’t get the new users. However, I have asked the kindle support to allow past buyers to get the latest version. I hope they will allow that.  

Almost, forgot, you can buy the book here.

Note : If you already purchased the book, you will need to follow the following steps to get the updated version.

Check Your Updates

If you purchased a copy of your book and need to see updates, click "Contact Us" and we will send the updated content to your device. You won't need to purchase it again.
To receive updates to your Kindle books automatically

1. Turn on the Annotations Backup* for your Kindle device or Kindle reading app to sync your notes, highlights, bookmarks, and furthest page read
2. Go to the Manage Your Content and Devices page
3. Select "Automatic Book Update" under the Settings tab
4. Select "On" from the dropdown menu
Note: The Automatic Book Update feature may not yet be available for markets outside of the U.S.
*The following devices automatically enable the Annotations Backup:  Fire HD, Fire HDX, Kindle for Android, Kindle for Windows 8, and Kindle for BlackBerry 10. 
As a result, you cannot turn off the Annotations Backup.

Self Publishing my first novel

At some level, I guess I have always been a writer. However, like so many things, I let it slide by. Yet, here I am writing about my first published – self published – novel. 

Hopefully, this will help others as well. 

The novel is a short one. Not more than 30000 words. Perhaps a little more. I used Microsoft Word Online to write. I must say Microsoft has built a fantastic online office suite. Of course, once the novel is published, I should definitely go for their office subscription to get the full suite. This is the nice thing about cloud. I get to write on my first laptop, continue on my second, then review on my droid and fix issues on my windows phone.  

Then, perhaps the less fun part about writing a novel is the re-reading. I am self publishing. I don’t have a editor. Editing means rewriting huge chunks of material. Then, after that rereading to see if it all makes sense. Then there is the note taking. The notes that support the novel are almost as long as the novel itself. Continuity issues are something even a boring writer such as me should avoid. My logic is, yes, my novel is boring. At least it is logical and does not break it’s own rules. 

There are multiple ways to self publish. I have this blog, the main study nildana website. Then, I could have simply chosen to distribute a pdf or html or epub. Of course, there is also Google play store. 

Yet, I decided to go with Amazon Kindle Publishing. Amazon has done a fantastic job with their Kindle platform. I cannot think of a day when Kindle apps have disappointed me. Their publishing terms were simple. I chose them. 

There are a few things that first time writers must remember. I found this out the hard way. 

  • Format the document with table of contents before publishing. 

  • Have a neat cover letter ready in advance. 

  • Have a disclaimer page  

  • Have a copyright page  

  • Have a thank you page 

  • Have a welcome page (which can also double up as a author page. 

As a developer, I like that I can update my books as I do with my apps. That means I can keep revising the novel without having to charge my customers (if any) for the second time. 

If all goes well, I can finally unleash even more boring novels, books and short stories on this unsuspecting world. Thank you Kindle and Microsoft Word for enabling me! 

Muaahhhhhhhhhh…Ha ha…..ha ha ha ha ha ha….. 

It’s evil laugh time! 

Okay, I have got to stop the laugh thing now. Now that the book is live, what next for me? Let me see.  

First up, I really need to revise this published book. There are like so many spelling mistakes, sentence mistakes and in general so many mistakes. Need to fix that.  

Then (now that I have the confidence of taking a story from writing to editing and rewriting to publishing), I have some more stuff lined up. I have a sequel (of course there is!) idea for the book that I just published. Then, another story which is set in the universe – my own shared universe if you will – is in the pipeline. In fact, the character actually makes a gratuitous cameo here. Man, how I hate gratuitous cameos but what a writer is to do.  

Then, some serious stuff as well. I am fast and furiously blogging on c sharp lately. Three years ago, I did the same thing with c programming as well. The idea is to turn at least some of these into programming books. I have found that some folks hate blogs but prefer books. If I could put my information in book form, it just might be useful for some of my students who belong to the book reading category.  

Then, there are all those short stories I wrote over the years. Then that novel I started writing but abandoned. So many stuff. Hopefully, I will get them all published soon.  

Will keep you, my dear reader, posted. 

Note : You can buy the novel on Amazon Kindle right here.